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6/4/2018: Posted Journey for Sight 1991,1994,1997 and unknown date large pin on the Journey for Sight Pins website.
Posted the 2018 MD13 State Convention pin on the
MD13 State Convention Items website.
Posted a block "H" from the
PTCO OHIO Series on the Ohio Lions Pin Traders Club Pins website.

Created new website 2018 Nashville Pin Swap and added 7 pins.
Posted 2017-2018 Lions Clubs International 100% Perfect Attendance Award Website
2017-2018 Naresh Aggarwal Lions Clubs International Presidential Theme Pins Website
Posted Centennial Diamond Award Pin on the
 Sponsorship/Growth Pins 1957-1999 & 2013-Present website.


Posted the 2018 Train Series Pin #5 and block "O" pin in the PTCO OHIO Series on the Ohio Lions Pin Traders Club Pins website.
Posted the 2018 Winter Retreat dangler on the Ohio Lions Winter Retreat website.
Posted the MD13 2018 "Miniature" on the MD13 State Pins website (page 4).
Posted the 2017 District OH7 pin on the District OH7 District Pins website.
Posted the Scenic Hills 50th Anniversary Club Pin on the District OH7 Club Pins website.
Created new website District OH7 Miscellaneous and posted Scenic Hills 50th Anniversary patch.
Posted the following campaign buttons Walt Seaburn for Vice Governor, Dave Rice for Deputy Governor and Doc Turner for Deputy District Governor on the District 13D Campaign Items website.
Posted Jerald McCullough for Deputy District Governor  “rubber jar opener” on the District 13D Miscellaneous Campaign Items website.
Posted the District 13D Hartville Press on Paper Clip on the District 13D Club Miscellaneous Items website.
Posted the 1976 District 13E Convention Key Chain on the District 13E Convention Pins website.

Created new website and
Posted the Winchester 2017 Christmas Train Pin Set and attachment.
Posted Bellbrook 70th on the District OH6 Club pins website.
11/26/2017: Created new website District OH6 club pins, and added Jeffersonville 70th pin. District OH6 Club Pins

Current worksheets
OLPTC Worksheet 6/4/2018
 OLPTC Worksheet  5/13/2018
 OLPTC 1/27/2018

  OLPTC Worksheet 12/2/2017

OLPTC Worksheet 10/29/2017

 OLPTC Worksheet 8/28/2017

  OLPTC Worksheet 7/31/2017

OLPTC Worksheet 7/8/2017

 OLPTC Worksheet 6/3/2017

 OLPTC Worksheet 5/30/2017

 OLPTC Worksheet 5/27/2017

 OLPTC Worksheet 5/22/2017

 OLPTC Worksheet 5/21/2017

 OLPT Worksheet 1/28/2017

OLPTC Worksheet 1/15/2017

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